About Slut Soak

Slut Soak is a line of bath herbs for people with vaginas, created by Mychal Shifrah. In her work as a doula and sex educator, Mychal was frequently asked by people with vulvas how to soothe soreness after sexual play. If soap irritates tissues, what else can be used? Slut Soak uses traditional postpartum herbs (like after someone pushes out a baby) and reformulates them, making it the perfect blend for a relaxing bath. These bath herbs are meant to soothe irritated tissues caused by friction and micro tearing that can happen from partnered and solo play.
Slut Soak contains no added fragrances and no essential oils. It has a naturally light and earthy floral smell.

Great for self care, or as a gift from partner/s/ tops/ doms/ givers!


About Mychal

Mychal Shifrah Reilly (she/ her) is a full spectrum doula, placenta encapsulator, student midwife, and sex educator serving the Los Angeles area. Her practice seeks to bring peace and reduce trauma during reproductive events. Mychal is trained in a wide variety of birth and postpartum techniques, works with families of all sizes and backgrounds and is committed to improving birth outcomes for her whole community. She is comfortable supporting all outcomes of pregnancy including: surrogacy, adoption, abortion, loss, and folks who are unsure about their journey. Before becoming a doula, Mychal earned a B.A. in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution from Chapman University. Mychal runs a pro-choice advocacy group and volunteers as an abortion doula. She currently has a doula practice in Los Angeles, and not offers virtual support anywhere in the world. More info at www.doulamychal.com